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Kitten contract
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All parties involved agree to the sale, as “Pet Quality”, of the cat/kitten described above, subject to the following:


1.       Kittens sold as pets or show alters will be altered before one year of age. Upon breeder’s receipt of veterinarian’s verification of altering, the buyer will be provided registration papers.


2.       This kitten is, to the best of our knowledge, healthy at the time of sale and has had it’s first round of shots on ______________, FVRCP, and second round of shots on ______________, FVRCP. The buyer(s) agree(s) and promises to take this kitten to a licensed veterinarian for it’s final FVRCP and Rabies vaccination as well as for it’s annual inoculations.


3.       If other cats reside in the household the buyer(s) agree to provide documentation from a licensed veterinarian that their resident cat(s) has/have tested negative for Feline Leukemia (FelV), and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). Documentation was provided on: ____________


4.       The buyer agrees and promises to have the kitten examined by a licensed veterinarian of their choice within 5 days of purchase (within reason). The Breeder assumes no veterinary expenses after purchase by the buyer. No kitten may be returned for health reasons, unless a licensed veterinarian has examined it within FIVE DAYS OF PURCHASE (within reason). A detailed statement by the examining veterinarian shall precede the return of any kitten for health reasons, and shall state what the ailment is, treatment and cost, and where the veterinarian feels the problem originated, Breeder reserves the right to have the kitten examined by another veterinarian of her choice for a second opinion. Any kitten returned under this health guarantee will be accepted by the Breeder with a full refund of purchase price if returned within five days of the date of delivery of the kitten or replaced by a kitten of equal quality as soon as such kitten is available. In Cased of illness, the kitten MUST be returned IMMEDIATELY!!!! This guarantee is not valid where the buyer is negligent in the care of the kitten.


5.       The buyer agrees and promises to provide protection from hazards and that this kitten shall be kept indoors and shall not, under any circumstances, be allowed to roam outside.


6.       The buyer agrees and promises that this kitten shall not, under any circumstances be declawed. The buyer will provide a proper scratching post and have his/her claws clipped regularly so as to make delawing unnecessary. The seller will review proper clipping procedures before the kitten goes home with the buyer. The buyer will also groom the kitten and will review proper grooming with the seller.


7.       The buyer agrees and promises that this kitten will not be sold, traded, leased, or given to any pet shop, research facility, Humane Society/animal shelter, or individual, or in any other way change custody or ownership without the prior written permission of the seller. Should change of ownership be approved, the new owner(s) shall be expected to execute a copy of this agreement. Failure of the buyer to obtain the permission of the seller prior to any change of ownership of this kitten voids this contract and buyer must, return this kitten to the seller.



8.       The buyer agrees to provide proper nutrition for this Kitten. The buyer also agrees to provide companionship for this kitten, never leaving it alone for long periods of time without human attention.


Buyer signature indicates that the buyer has reviewed and discussed this contract with seller PRIOR TO RECEIVING said kitten and is in full agreement and approval of the above terms and conditions. Any deletions to this agreement of sale shall be struck out and initialed by all parties named in this agreement of sale.

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