The "Brewery", Maine Coons and British Shorthairs

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GC The Brewery Chinook
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Just a few notes: Pooka was my first Maine Coon, he is not registered and I have never been able to show him. Hoot-N-Anny is a wonderful Grand Premier I was privilaged to have in my home for about a month, she was the cat Matt and I took to the International Cat Show in Houston in 2002. I believe she was the only Maine Coon female to get a Best of Breed and final at that show. She loves everyone. Looney Lacey lives in Virginia with my Daughter-in-Law and granddaughters. She managed to obtain 12 points toward her grand before her Mom thought it best she just stay at home. Saaz' show career was cut short due to motherhood. Unfortunately Saaz developed a dental problem and has been spayed. Saaz became a Grand Premier March 25, 2006 just one day before her Grandson Royalcoons Achichles. I hope you have enjoyed a quick look into The Brewery. Naming my cattery was easy, my other hobby is brewing a mean beer or two at our local brew club.
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